We are your Work Agent in Finland and Sweden. To begin the process: Leave an application. After that our agent will contact you and we will begin searching a matching job for you.

SVM Work Agent has been helping workers find jobs since 2007. We are currently recruiting new workers to all kind of jobs in Finland and Sweden. For example we are looking for scaffolders, insulators, welders, steel fixers and carpenters and many more! You can check the most searched jobs on our Open Jobs page. If you don’t find the job you are looking for, don’t worry, just leave an open application and WE WILL search a matching job for you as we are your Work Agent.

We wish that you are motivated to come and work in Finland or Sweden and you are a cooperative kind of person.

Click the button below and start your journey with us by sending the application. It only takes a few minutes.

Working for our employee!

Suomen Vuokramestarit Oy has a long experience in the field of personnel services, and here you will find diverse employment opportunities. We are a reliable employer who always takes care of things with professionalism and with the best interests of the employee in mind.

Sending a job application to us is very easy. Submit your application via the button below, it only takes a couple of minutes. Our HR team will then be in touch with you shortly after submitting an application.
There are constantly new jobs and opportunities available.

As our employee, you will receive a personal contact person from our HR team. You can be in touch with him/her in all situations, which makes things run smoothly.


Jarkko Tukiainen

+358 50 550 5599

Markus Leskinen
COB, Partner

+358 50 502 0788

Arttu Rahikkala
HR Specialist

+358 50 361 6183

AIju Kouva
HR Consultant

+358 41 731 6343

Ilari Koivisto
HR Coordinator

+358 50 463 3202

Juuso Koivumäki
Marketing Manager

+358 41 731 4942

Mika Mähönen
Payroll Specialist

+358 50 448 1408